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I’m often asked about which products I use I'd recommend to others. I’ve put together a list of my favorites below.




After losing many of my files when a top-rated cloud backup service didn’t upload my files correctly, I have settled on this one, and have had excellent service from them.  However after my  (very expensive) lost file fiasco, I learned the importance of MULTIPLE backups, so I also back up my files on an external hard drive as well. Get 1 month free with this link.




I have used JustHost for many years for hosting my own website, as well as the sites of several clients. In the 10 years I’ve used them, I’ve never had a problem.




Remembering passwords is a challenge, and keeping them secure is even harder. That’s what makes LastPass so useful. They not only remember passwords for websites, but they securely encrypt them. All you need to do is remember one password, and LastPass will do the rest.




After I installed Sucuri, I was able to see how many bruit force hacking attempts took place on my WordPress pages, and I was shocked. This WordPress plugin will make sure your site stays safe.




ECWID Shopping Cart

This is a great shopping cart that's easy to set up and gives you plenty of options to embed it on HTML or WordPress sites. They offer a free plan too!




I started with MailChimp when I was just starting my business. I tried a couple of other email services, I always come back to Mailchimp. They are cost effective, easy to work with and they integrate easily with other programs and apps. Get a $30 credit with this link (that's 3 months free!)




Hootsuite: I love HootSuite since they offer a free plan and allow you to include many social media sites together on one platform. A great time saver!


PostPlanner: I use PostPlanner for quick and easy Facebook and Twitter posts. They offer a complete library of top trending posts, images and highly shared articles. And starting at $7 a month, it’s less expensive than hiring an intern!




If you’re thinking of running a contest on social media (a GREAT way to build your email list), this is my go-to app. The make them easy to set up and offer great ideas and easy-to-use templates.





Wave Accounting

 I hate accounting, but this is super simple to use.  I’ve  recommended this free accounting software to many small business owners.  Wave allows you to keep track of invoicing, accounts payable, payroll and other things, very easily. They also allow you to take credit cards. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?!



This is my super easy go-to storage for transferring files to clients or storing files that I use on several computers. You get free storage to sign up and more if you refer it to others! If you sign up with this link, you will receive 500 MB of bonus space!



If you do any sort of writing, whether it be an ebook or script, Scrivener will make your life easier, I promise. With Scrivener, you can easily move chapters around and start with an outline. I wish I would have had it in college!

Scrivener for Mac

Scrivener for Windows


Asana Project Management

Asana makes it really easy to track projects from start to finish. You can connect team members or just use it to keep track of your own projects. Their mobile app makes it even easier. They also offer a free plan.


Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you purchase them. However you will never pay more than regular price for them and often, you get a discount or a deal through my link! How cool is that?