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Having the freedom to structure my day is why entrepreneurship has always appealed to me. But when I was young and watched my entrepreneur dad work 60 or 70 hours a week running his small business, I was fearful I would fall into the same trap. And when I opened my first business,  guess what--I did.

When I opened my first business, a custom invitation company, I wanted everything done perfectly. As a result, I spent hours creating products that people liked but didn't buy.  Through that experience, I learned to to focus on the marketing. And I learned there is a process that we need to follow to show the right customer how my product could transform their life.

And it worked.

That's why I'm so passionate about helping other small businesses owners do the same thing. With half of all small businesses failing within their first 5 years,  I want to teach what I know to people who need it most. And I want to make it  affordable and easy for the busy entrepreneur to implement .

"We didn't know very much about web design or marketing and Janice really helped us get on our feet with a great web site. She offered  a lot of advice about how we could move forward once we had completed building the products. We looked to her as an expert, and she had a ready answer for each of our questions!"



One Day Virtual Workshop

One Day Virtual Workshop

In this one-day workshop, we will focus on four different areas that are necessary for setting up your marketing and growing your business. During this live workshop,  you’ll learn specific strategies to implement as soon as the training is over. It will be interactive, so I will give you time to do exercises and ask questions in the workshop. You will also be given opportunities to interact with other attendees via our private Facebook group. Following the workshop, you will be given the opportunity to set up a one-on-one coaching call with me for further feedback or to have any questions answered.

With workbook, cheat sheets and a private FB group.


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Marketing Mastery- Developing your Trail to the SaleTM



So many of us learn how to put a marketing plan together from templates or business plan courses. The problem? This is most often old-school “push” marketing that is no longer effective. As a result, we end up trying a advertising, a little social media and become frustrated that it doesn’t work for us. It doesn’t work because we are trying to hunt in the dark. What we need to do is learn to “fish” instead. And we need to look at the BIG picture of your marketing, and learn where all the components (such as PR, advertising and social media) fit in.


If you’re looking to set up a personalized marketing plan for your business,  Marketing Mastery is for you. It’s an interactive online course designed for people who are frustrated or overwhelmed by how complicated marketing is. We break it down into step-by-step actions that move your customer from awareness of your brand, to the purchase, and even further, to refer and buy again.


VIP Version:

Virtual 1-Hour VIP Session to help kick off your RESULTS with your Domination Plan

Three 30 minute - 1:1 Coaching Calls

A partner who is completely invested in your success and will give you the TLC and straight talk you need to make your business grow.




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Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by social media. With this course, you’ll learn how to focus your energy on the best platform for your business, how to determine which content to use and how to set up systems to stay on top of all of it!


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"She made our group look IMPRESSIVE AND TOP NOTCH. Janice is personable, easy to work with, professional and very creative. I highly recommend her!”




Putting Your Website To Work


Many people ask their web-designer for help when determining what they should include in their website.  But if you have a business—whether  it’s  an online business or a brick and mortar—isn’t it there to make sales? There’s a lot more strategy  and marketing involved in building a website than what pages to include,


This book tells you how to put content together in your website that leads people to buy, and tells you what else to include to make sure it is search engine friendly and works for your target customer.  Includes a worksheets and check lists to rank to discover where your website is excelling and where it could use improvement.