Google Analytics Goals: Is your website is doing what you want it to?

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google analytics goals

By Janice Hostager

I remember putting together my very first landing page on my website, several years ago. This was before the days of Leadpages or before I had any templates. This was just my attempt to get a form on my website.

And it was ugly.

Uglier still were my results.

It became clear to me that I needed to see who reached that landing page and who reached my thank you page to determine where my problem was. Was it my offer? The landing page itself (yes, in my case!)? That’s what I needed to find out.

That’s when I realized the value of Google Analytics goals.

Getting started with Google analytics goals

Google analytics can be an intimidating place. From the tech side, it’s diagnostic data. But it’s scary in the same way as getting a report card. It’s the brutal truth of what’s working and not working on your website.

But the good news is that there’s always time to figure out the problem and improve things–you only get a failing grade when you stop trying.

Once you start digging around on Google Analytics, you’ll see it’s where the answers lie. Answers to questions like “who is visiting my site? Where they’re coming from? Which pages are people visiting the most? Which social media is working best for me?” and so on.

Once your analytics code is installed on your website, Google tracks these things automatically for us.

But there’s also a few things you need to go in a set up manually. Goals are one of them.

Why Google analytics goals are needed

Why set up goals? So you know if people are doing the things on your website that you want them to do, such as following through with your calls to action, getting to your landing page and getting to your thank you page. If you have a free download on your website where you can get email list signups (also called a lead magnet), you should track how many people get to the final destination–you thank you page.

How to set them up

In our video, we’re going to set up a goal for your thank you page–the end of the line of your call to action. We want to know how many made it to that point.

That’s how you’ll learn what’s working and what isn’t so you can diagnose any problems on your website and fix them.

If you don’t have Google analytics set up on your website, you can get it here and you can find out how to set it up right here. If you have a WordPress site, you’ll want to download this plug-in.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and let me know what you learn about your website!


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