How to make a quick (and painless) video

By Janice Hostager We all know we should make videos for our business, right? It allows people to connect with us on a personal level, it’s great for SEO ( they increase the time people spend on your site) and videos make high-converting ads.  And although I’d like to say I don’t mind getting in…

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Facebook Like Boxes to be Discontinued

  by Janice Hostager Facebook Says ‘Goodbye’ to Like Boxes Beginning June 23, 2015, Facebook Like Boxes will be discontinued in exchange for its new Page Plugin. The new Page Plugin gives you the option of including: Just your header and cover photo, Showing the faces of friends of the visitors A feed of your Page…

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What You Must Do Before Posting Images on Social Media

by Janice Hostager Image Size Matters If you’ve tried to share a single image on multiple social media platforms, you know that can be a problem, since all platforms require a different size.  So here’s a solution for sharing an image that works on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, without any important content getting cut off. The Multi-Platform Layout Using…

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More Changes for Facebook Pages

By Janice Hostager So it probably comes as no surprise to you that Facebook likes to change things up a bit. A lot, actually. But in this latest round, the changes only affect business pages. Like yours. According to a survey conducted last fall, Facebook users want to see more content from friends and pages…

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The Small Business Facebook Guide

For a small business, there are a lot of layers to Facebook. From setting up your page, to engagement, to metrics, to advertising…Facebook can be a real challenge. Below is an interactive Facebook guide by Simply Business that I would like to share. This chart has links to instructional articles on  tabs, apps, goal setting, groups, engagement…

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Social Media for the Busy Entrepreneur

By Janice Hostager Social media can be the bane of an entrepreneur’s existence.  On the one hand, you know you need it. On the other, it can really suck time away from other activities. That’s why entrepreneurs sometimes ignore it, or post inconsistently. But neither of those approaches will get you the engagement that is…

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More changes for Facebook business pages

By Janice Hostager Last month, Facebook announced that, due to changes to their News Feed algorithm, posts on business pages will go from about a 16% organic reach  to a sad  2 or 3%. This means that posts will only be seen by those fans who typically engage with your brand. Business pages will need…

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Hootsuite For Small Business

Today, I wanted to tackle a topic that most of us can relate to — especially during the busy holidays: overwhelm. In fact, on my last reader survey, many of you requested quick and easy ways to market your business, that I had to share my favorite way to manage my social media: Hootsuite.  Now…

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