Email Checklist– Before You Push “Send”

I’ve done it more than once. In a hurry to get an email out to our list, I forget to include something.  Or I realized, after the send button was pushed, that I made an error.   And truthfully, I know I’m not alone. So I decided to put together an email checklist with what should…

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CAN-SPAM act: are your emails breaking the law?

By Janice Hostager Could your emails be spam? Bulk email is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target customer and build a relationship. But not it it’s considered to be spam. Every few weeks I get spam email from a woman who I met a couple of years ago at a networking event. We’ll…

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14 Easy Ways to Build your Email List

  By Janice Hostager When I first got started in business, I knew for sure I didn’t want to be a spammy marketer. And when someone suggested email marketing to me, the last thing I wanted to do was to bug people to buy my product. But what I began to notice is that there were emails in my…

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The Email List Formula (that Really Works)

“Since building my list, it has become the single most valuable asset I possess in my business. “ – Michael Hyatt The one thing I hear more successful marketers say, time and time again, is “I wish I would have built my email list sooner.” I agree. It’s the one thing I, too, wish I…

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Email Automation, Fast and Easy–who wouldn’t want that?

Are you using email to grow customers? Email is the second biggest acquisition channel, behind organic search, with an ROI of 4,300%! And through email automation, you can give people the information they need, when they need it, and you can set it all up in advance (a REAL BONUS for busy entrepreneurs).  And email services such…

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How to Set Up an Email List on Mailchimp

By Janice Hostager   If you have a new business,  or have just never set up a mailing list, now’s the time to do it. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to reach target customers who are interested in your product. Simply offer a free opt-in offer that solves a problem for…

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How To Create A Compelling Lead Magnet {worksheet}

By Janice Hostager So you’re in business and have some clients and customers, and you know that email marketing is effective and budget friendly. But how do you get email addresses of prospective customers to run an email campaign? Buying an existing email list or obtaining email addresses from other sources (like from business cards you’ve collected at a trade show…

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Single Line Horizontal Mailchimp Form

      By Janice Hostager One frustration I had when I began using Mailchimp was the sign-up forms.  I wanted horizontal Mailchimp form code for first name and email address only on a single line, so I could put it at the top of my web page. But Mailchimp (and most other email services)…

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How Autoresponders Can Save You Time (and money)

The fastest and easiest way to connect with new and potential customers, as well as staying in touch with existing customers, is through email.  Since 95% of online consumers have an email account, finding warm leads through email is your best and most cost effective marketing tool. And an autoresponder service can help you out…

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