22 Best Marketing Apps for Bootstrappers

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By Janice Hostager


best marketing apps

We’re all looking for a way to get things done faster. Better. With less involvement. I know I’m always in the market for the best marketing apps and software that will help me in my day-to-day business.

So I decided to put together a list of some of my faves…the ones that help my own marketing. I think they’re 22 of the best marketing apps. I think you will too.


Email Marketing


best marketing apps

MotionMail makes countdown timers for your emails. Scarcity is a thing we all respond to. When you have an offer that’s running out, these easy-to-embed timers let your recipients see just how much time they have left to buy. (Free plan available)



best marketing apps

Mailchimp is probably the easiest email software out there and the one I used when I first started my business. They are perfect for the new startup since they have drag and drop email creation and forms that are easy to customize. If you don’t have a way to collect email on your site, the time to start is now (trust me, you’ll thank me later.) (Free plan available)


Tiny PNG

best marketing apps

Tiny PNG is a file size reducer for images, so your website or emails will load faster.(Free)



best marketing apps

Meta allows you to search your Desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote, and everything else as easily as you’d search the Internet. (Free plan available)



best marketing apps

Zoom  is a video conferencing and recording app. Perfect for recording webinars or online meetings. (Free plan available)



best marketing apps

Beetle lets you research other email being sent in any industry along and see the analytics for those emails. It’s a powerful tool for email marketing. (Free plan available)


Smart Mockups

best marketing apps

Smart Mockups This is a curated collection of product mockups that you can fill with your own products to show on your website, social media or advertising. A great way to present something without custom photography! ($29 one-time purchase)


Social Media

Hootlet app

best marketing apps

Hootlet app  is my handy Chrome browser add-on for sharing articles that I read on social media. This tool lets me click to share them and have them released throughout the day using Hootsuite. It’s a favorite tool of mine. (Free)



best marketing apps

Postplanner is my other go-to tool for managing Facebook and Twitter. It’s inexpensive and allows me to schedule social media, upload them in advance and repeat posts on Twitter. Setting up my social media weekly instead of daily frees up my days and lets me get more done. And it’s cheaper than an intern! ($7/month)



best marketing apps

Later Although Instagram does not allow automatic posting, Later does the next best thing: it lets you set up your posts in advance then it sends you a reminder when it’s time to post. (Free plan available)


Board Booster

best marketing apps

Board Booster  is a great Pinterest tool. It lets you schedule pins and so much more. (Free plan available)



Blogging tools


best marketing appsGrammarly Since I have an English minor, I used to tell myself that grammar isn’t a problem for me. But once I got this app, I saw I had plenty room for improvement. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without this free Chrome browser add-on. It looks over what I’m typing (on any app or platform) and makes grammatical and spelling suggestions. It’s like I have a proofreader looking over my shoulder. Oh, and it’s free. <3



best marketing apps

Buzzsumo  lets you search to find what content has been produced with various keywords and how often those posts were shared on social media.  It lets you analyze what content performs best for any topic, and find key influencers in your field. (Free plan available)



best marketing apps

Scrivner for Mac  and  PC . If you spend time writing, Scrivner is a game-changer. It allows you to outline, move content into chapters, create storyboards and overall just be a more organized with writing. This has been one of the best purchases I’ve made for my content generation.



best marketing apps

Pixxfly is online content distribution, syndication, public relations and more, in one place. Plans start at $49/month


Other Helpful Apps & Sites


best marketing apps


Asana is my secret to staying organized.  Not only does Asana provide a nicely organized to-do list, but you can add due dates, reminders, files and anything else associated with the task. And you can connect it to other people who can work on the tasks too. (Free plan available)



best marketing apps

I started using this free accounting software when I was freelancing, after throwing up my hands in frustration with Quickbooks. It’s grown with my business. You can use it to set up billing, take credit cards, personalized invoices and other cool integrations, such as payroll and a phone app to scan receipts. Did I mention it’s FREE?


Wonder Botbest marketing apps

WonderBot Text something to remember and your phone (via WonderBot) will remind you when you ask. It’s pretty cool for busy (forgetful) people–like me! (Free)



best marketing apps

Insightly is a customer relationship manager (CRM) that helps you keep track of clients, their orders, their contact information and their emails. (Free plan available for up to 2 users.)



best marketing apps
Snagit  is screen capture or video capture software that easily records and uploads, allowing you to send the capture wherever you want to share it. It’s great for quick screen grabs and to share your screen with others. (Free 15-day trial available; $49.95 to buy)



best marketing apps
Securi keeps hackers out of WordPress sites. Not sure if you need it? Try it out and asked them to notify you of each bruit-force hacking attempt each day–you’ll see it happens a lot. (Free plan available)


Webinar Ally

best marketing apps
Webinar Ally is a WordPress plugin that will let you host your webinars on any WordPress page using Google Hangout technology. It’s the best deal in webinar software on the market today! $99


What are your best marketing apps or website? Share it in the comments below! I’d love to learn what you use too!

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