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  JANICE HOSTAGERfounder/CEOEntrepreneurship is in my blood. Or at least that's my theory. My father owned a small business, like his father did before him. That's probably where I get my passion for helping small business owners. I used to go to work with my dad during school vacations and watched how he ran his business. It was a great training ground and I  learned early-on that running a small business was far from easy. But I also saw that marketing could determine the difference between thriving and failing. I like to think that's what got me into the marketing world. I've been in the marketing world for more than 25 years.  After college, I began with retailer Dayton's /Hudson's/ Marshall Fields, and later went on to work for a smaller business-to-business agency. But I always knew I wanted to run my own business someday. It wasn't until later, when I was taking some time off to stay home with my young children, that I had the opportunity to get my business started.  I started a design and marketing business (Papermark Marketing + Graphics) and after making invitations for my own family events, I also began a custom invitation business as  (Funvitations). When I started these businesses, I was  certainly not a marketing newbie. But I found that internet marketing was a whole different ballgame. So I needed to start almost from scratch to find out how to grow my businesses in the online world. I realized I needed to understand the BIG picture of marketing to be successful at incorporating the smaller components like email, social media and blogging. I needed to a marketing roadmap. That's how the Trial to the Sale TM was born. Today I want to share my passion for helping you grow by gaining a sense of control so you can focus on what matters most in life.  Check out my blog where I offer helpful how-to articles. I want you to be able to take ACTION and see your business GROW! So what do you say? PS. Be sure to get my Mighty Marketing Mini-course. It's a FREE for a limited time!              I BELIEVE WE AREPUT ON THIS EARTHDO MOREA PORTION OF EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND WITH ME GOES TO HELP THOSE IN NEED.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE>>  Wh

"Janice set up promotions which increased our exposure and made WORD SPREAD QUICKLY ABOUT OUR BUSINESS."


"Janice helped us focus on WHAT WE DO BEST, a well as areas we want to grow.."

[Mindy P., PAC BASIC, LLC]